About Conectum

What is Conectum?

Conectum is a recruitment company specialised in international recruitment, as well as HR and consulting projects for industry and technology companies based in Germany.

With offices in Köln and Barcelona, Conectum has been providing companies based in Germany with international engineers, programmers and IT specialists with language skills since 2011.

In our work we are always looking for the best solution for both sides, the companies based in Germany and the highly qualified specialists and managers from abroad.

Rosa Ibáñez

Managing Director

Psychologist, Master’s Degree in Marketing for the European Market and Master’s Degree in HR. She has more than 12 years of professional experience in HR departments and international consultancies as well as in Marketing and Business Development Departments in multinational environments. She has lived, studied and worked in Spain, Germany and the UK.

“I’m a globetrotter that enjoys working with and for people. I have always wanted to bring all my educational, personal and professional background together. I have done it and the result is Conectum, where I really enjoy enabling you to reach your goals!”

Recruitment of international engineers and IT spezialisten for Germany

We help companies against the lack of qualified employees

As a highly industrialized country, Germany has a high demand for engineers and programmers. At the same time, due to the skills shortage in these areas, companies have problems filling their vacancies adequately and in short time.

Because of this, an increasing number of large as well as medium-sized companies is showing interest in recruiting and integrating highly qualified specialists and managers from abroad.

Germany as a high-tech industrial country

Because of the high technological standard of its companies and the excellent career opportunities and prospects, Germany is a very attractive location for highly qualified engineers and programmers from abroad. However, these candidates have clearly defined career ideas concerning an international change.

German companies have high technological standards

We connect companies in Germany with international candidates

Conectum build the bridges between both sides, the companies in Germany and the suitable talents from abroad. As such we use our extensive experience to enable both sides to reach their goals.

The candidates provided by Conectum are mainly from Spain and Portugal but also from other European countries or from Latin America and all have a university degree, language skills and an international profile. Mostly they have already had contact with Germany, for example due to an Erasmus program, a language course or something similar.

Our services of recruitment for the direct entry for large and medium-sized companies in Germany are completely tailored to the requirements of our clients and at the same time meet the expectations of the highly qualified international candidates regarding career prospects and aspirations.

Successful international executive recruitment is challenging and is based on the following principles:




Close Cooperation

Flexibility and Openness

Understanding the expectations of both, the companies and the candidates

These aspects reflect our working methods and philosophy, which is why working with Conectum has the following advantages:

For Companies:

  • Extensive experience in recruitment for companies based in Germany
  • International team

  • Time and cost savings through Multichannel Recruitment Process
  • Consulting services throughout all phases of the selection process

  • Flexibility, Nearness, Spirit of Compromise, Reliability

For Candidates:

  • Attractive international career prospects
  • International team

  • Flexibility, nearness

  • Consulting and coaching

In addition to our services of international executive search we also offer coaching for candidates interested in a career opportunity in Germany. Furthermore, we develop projects to connect graduates to the trainee programs of our clients.

For these projects we work with specialized consultants and partners.

Our goal is to help companies and candidates reach their objectives in the global market.