For Candidates

Young Professionals Connected to Germany

Are you interested in starting or continuing your career in Germany?

If yes, we can help you!

This service is for students or young professionals who want to prepare themselves to find opportunities in Germany and reach their professional goals in this market.

We offer:

  • Support in the preparation of a Germany applications map.
  • German interview training
  • We give you information about companies looking
    for profiles likes yours, web portals, etc.
  • We give you information about the most important aspects of the German work culture.
  • We train you in Intercultural skills, related to the German market.
We integrate you into our Data Base for internships or jobs in Germany.

With this program you are going to improve your possibilities to find independently or through us a job or internship in Germany.

You are going to receive all starting tools you need to reach your goals in Germany.