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Germany Campus

The lack of skilled professionals will continue in Germany for years. Therefore both short-term solutions and long-term programs are needed. The Germany Campus program by Conectum has the goal to support German companies with long-term solutions and programs to assure their talent pool in the coming years.

The program:
The Germany Campus program offers German companies the opportunity to contact with high potential students from Spain during their studies with the goal to attract them to their company and their trainee programs.

The profile of these students is:

  • Very good academical performance.
  • Active in associations and projects.
  • High level of English.
  • German if required from the customer.
What we do:
  • We identify and contact these high potential students in the last two years of their study.
  • We get to know these students, we evaluate and interview them and introduce them to our customers in the form of personal interviews or via video interviews.
  • For the selected students, we develop together with our customers a personalized program that accompanies them until the end of their studies.
  • These specific programs take place locally through different trainings and also in the customer´s company through internships and/or events.
  • For the local training we count with high level partners and well recognized institutions in Germany.
Examples of these trainings:
  • German language courses in a recognized language school.
  • Intercultural communication trainings: developed by Anna Fuchs from the Institute of Communication of Schulz von Thun in Hamburg.
  • We offer also all the support needed to coordinate the internships offered by the customers during the hold period and also continued feedback on the development of the students.
  • Of course we are open to ideas and contributions from our customers to find everything that can prepare the students for an experience abroad.
The goal of the hold program is that these students once they have finished their studies join the trainee program or a junior position in your company.

Anna Fuchs
Contact person and coordinator of Schulz von Thun Institute of Communication in Spain

Psychologist, communication trainer and coach, with professional experience in HR and PR areas. She studied, lives and works in Barcelona (Spain) and Hamburg (Germany). Her work stands out by combining methods and models of intercultural communication and the communication psychology of the well known German Psychologist Prof. Schulz von Thun.

"I am a widely-traveled person, who enjoys to improve the contact between persons and cultures. My practical work is based on a solid base of theoretical models and wide spread personal intercultural experiences."