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Conectum builds bridges between the Spanish and the German speaking market

To whom are our services directed?

  • To companies in Germany, or a German-speaking country that are in a phase of growth and need talent to continue with their business plans.These companies are usually in an environment that is also growing and where the battle for talent is very intense and it is very difficult to recruit professionals. Because of that we search for their required professionals especially in Spain and if needed in other countries.
  • To the offices in Spain of these German companies because our competitive advantage is that we understand their mentality and needs as well as the Spanish market.
  • To Spanish companies with offices in Germany that need a supplier who also understands their mentality, language and needs as well as the German market.
Our candidates are qualified professionals with international profile with different degrees of experience and that are currently interested in an international project for their next professional step. Our services include on one hand, a detailed search process, with all the phases like the definition of the business needs and the search plan, the role and profile description, the search and recruitment phase, the assessment, reports, follow up, etc.

On the other hand, Conectum offers also positioning services. We develop together with our clients a positioning strategy to win the battle for talent.

This include:
  • Strategical positioning of the company.
  • Salary consultancy.
  • consultancy in all the intercultural aspects.
In Conectum we are aware of all aspects that influence international recruitment for both candidates and companies and our mission is to treat everyone with as much detail and professionalism, to finally get the goal of incorporating the right talent that brings our clients the achievement of their business goals.