Why Conectum?
Talent, job and mobility.

In the global market more and more it is becoming a reality that companies don’t find their talent in their countries and need to recruit and attract professionals from other parts of the world.

The same thing is occurring for professionals, sometimes they need to relocate to be able to find a new professional challenge.

This is the reality and it is going to continue to be a reality in the globalized market.

Because of that we have created Conectum, to connect the Spanish and the German market and to create bridges for companies and candidates, helping both to find what they need to reach their goals.Between these both markets there are very important synergies and new possibilities for companies and for professionals and we help to find them.

We search for professionals in Spain to move to Germany to fill positions where our clients don’t find candidates in Germany because the offer is higher than the demand.

Our candidate’s pool is formed by experienced professionals that are looking to relocate to find the next step.

We contact with professionals with a high level in education and professional background, foreign languages and international mobility to fill positions in Germany or a German speaking country. We contact also with high potential students to assure that the trainee programs of our clients are filled every year with the bestnew talent.

Our clients are companies in a growth phase, needing to incorporate high educated professionals to continue growing in a growing economy with lack of professionals.

Conectum offers very personalized Executive search and international recruitment projects to find what our clients are looking for.

The consultants of Conectum are senior professionals with international background and passion to help customers reach the goals. They have an international mind set and are very conscious about all the aspects that must be taken into account by International recruitment and talent acquisition.

We take into account all the personal and motivational aspects of our candidates and handle for the best, and we can support our clients to present them their target candidates in the right way.We are vocational consultants and as long as you haven’t reached your goals we are not going to stop supporting you.